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Welcome to bubek fotodesign!
Welcome to the website of bubek fotodesign. In the imagedatabase you will find a big selection of images, mostly from Tromsø and the surrounding area. Apart from the northern light images you will find images from nature at Svalbard and Finland as well as pictures of several events in Tromsø.
In cooperation with Lumobox / CH Fujifilm, we offer selected images mounted on Dibond® plates (optionally under acrylic glass). Learn more about this offer in the shop.

It is also possible to purchase licenses for use in print and web media. Use the contact form to request your individual offering.
New and complementary to the northern lights pictures we can now offer (time-lapse) video sequences. The videos can be offered in different resolutions up to 1080p in compressed or uncompressed formats.
All images and videos are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. 
Thilo Bubek